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ABB EMAX2 Lean Production Project

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Rocoi, as a Class A strategic supplier of ABB, both its product range and product quality have occupied a very important position in ABB's business scope. Therefore to strengthen cooperation, ABB started a six-week lean production project in Rocoi from May to June 2018.

During this time period, ABB's colleagues explained the concept and expected results of lean production to the Rocoi project team members in the way of game, PPT explanation, on-site teaching, practical training, etc. In response, the members of the Rocoi project team, including the production line workers, were also very enthusiastic to participate in each process, which shows good spirit of team cooperation.

Consequently, ABB EMAX2's lean production line was successfully completed on June 15, 2018. The production efficiency is increased by 40%, and the current production capacity is 3,000 units/month. Additionally, the product quality is improved, and the qualification rate of the assembly line is increased by 26%.  Furthermore, the improved production line controls the in-process inventory, which is directly converted from the semi-finished inventory that was previously piled up to the institutional finished product shipment.


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